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What is guaranteed life insurance?

Guaranteed over 50's life insurance means anyone aged 50-85 is automatically guaranteed to be accepted with ZERO medical evidence needed.

Think of life insurance as an agreement between you and a life insurance company. In this agreement you make monthly payments to the company until you pass away. At this point, money is released to your family to spend how they wish.

Life insurance could ensure that your family is well looked after you die - they needn't worry about finding money to pay things like bills, loans, or funeral costs. It gives your family essential financial stability exactly when they need it most.

Why should I choose guaranteed life insurance?

If you have been struggling to access life insurance, or have a pre-existing medical condition, then it might make sense to choose a guaranteed over 50's plan.

Your family may well be grateful for a cash lump sum after you have gone. Here are some statistics you might not know:

  • Only 35% of families currently have life insurance(1)

  • The average cost of a funeral and associated expenses is £8,864(2)

  • In 2021, 37% of families had to borrow money from a friend, relative, or take out a loan to cover funeral costs(2)

Join smart families across the UK

Anything can happen in life and none of us know what's around the corner. The importance of ensuring your family is secure and their living standards are guarded cannot be underestimated.

Join smart families across the UK who are leveraging life insurance as an efficient, effective and easy form of protection.

This could quite possibly be the most important financial product you ever buy.