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* 20p/day Pricing Claim

Based on a 30 year old non-smoker, £210,000 cover, 25 year term, level term cover. £6.04/month from L&G. This equates to just under 20p a day, when calculated on a daily rate based on premiums paid for a full year (£72.48). Correct as of May 2020. 20p a day / £6 month rates will always be subject to individual requirements, individual status and medical underwriting.

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If you have children, a partner, or any other family members who rely on your income, then it makes sense to provide for them in the event of death.

What is life insurance?

Think of life insurance as an agreement between you and a life insurance company. In this agreement you make monthly payments to the company for a specific period, and if you die your family receives a large lump sum of money in return.


This money ensures that your family is well looked after should you pass away - they needn't worry about finding money to pay things like bills, loans, or funeral costs. It gives your family essential financial stability exactly when they need it most.


Why do I need life insurance?

Not everybody needs life insurance. However, if you have children, a partner or any other family members who rely on your income, then it makes sense to provide for them in the event of your death.

Here are some statistics you may not know:

  • Only 35% of families currently have life insurance*
  • The average cost of a funeral and associated expenses is £9,200**
  • In 2022, 37% of families had to borrow money from a friend, relative, or take out a loan to cover funeral costs**

Join smart families across the UK

Anything can happen in life and none of us know what's around the corner. The importance of ensuring your family is secure and their living standards are guarded cannot be underestimated.

Join smart families across the UK who are leveraging Life Insurance as an efficient, effective and easy form of protection.

This could quite possibly be the most important financial product you ever buy.

How do we help?

Our service helps you to compare life insurance quotes through an authorised FCA regulated broker or insurer. There's no obligation to purchase, it's always entirely your choice.

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