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What is funeral cover?

Funeral cover enables you to plan your chosen funeral and pay in advance either with monthly instalments or as a lump sum. Giving you peace of mind that your funeral won’t become a financial burden on family and those you love.

Why do I need funeral cover?

  • Planning and paying for your funeral in advance fixes the cost at today’s prices. Giving you your funeral, the way you want it and potentially saving you money.
  • Making arrangements now means family, and those you love, won’t have the stress of organising a funeral at an already emotional and challenging time.
  • Spend time and energy doing the things you enjoy with the freedom and peace of mind that all plans are in place, paid for and according to your wishes.

What types of funeral cover are available?

There is a range of plans to suit all wishes depending on budget and requirements.

From the elaborate to the simple. Plans can be tailored to guarantee your funeral, the way you want it.

There are many different aspects of a funeral that require consideration. What plan you chose will depend on which of these aspects you'd like to include as part of your funeral service.

Examples being:

  • Religious service
  • Catering
  • Flowers
  • Headstone
  • Transport
  • Date

Whatever your requirements, from cremation to burial, you can rest assured there's a plan that can meet your wishes.

How much does funeral cover cost?

The cost of a funeral plan depends on your wishes and payment options.

There are many options available to suit all budgets.

Secure your funeral wishes at today's prices. Safe in the knowledge plans are assured, as you want them, without placing any undue pressure on family and those you love.

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