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Canadians Are Shocked By This Life Insurance Amount

By Rachel Swift | Last updated Jul, 2024

People living in Canada can help to secure their family's future by getting a Life Insurance policy from as little as $23.40 per week*.

For many of us, our loved ones are our priority. We work hard to support them, so the thought of leaving them with unmanageable debts is something we seek to avoid. Unfortunately, accidents do happen so it's essential we plan ahead to make their future more comfortable.

Thankfully, the internet has made Life Insurance policies available to many more people. It's now possible to get a great Life Insurance deal and give your family the financial safety net they deserve.

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Life Insurance Policies Starting at $23.40 per week*

A life insurance policy could potentially pay off your mortgage and contribute towards education or even a wedding for your children. If you should pass away, it can be the financial legacy you leave behind.

Savvy Canadians are now realising that Life Insurance can be a sensible and affordable way to safeguard their family's finances.

By paying a low weekly rate of $23.40, it could be possible to receive a payout of up to $250,000 should you pass away*.

Best of all, it's simple to request a Life Insurance quote - You just answer a few easy questions and you will soon receive your free, no obligation quote.

In less than a minute you could start to protect your family's future.

Here's how:

>> Select your province on the map below to request a FREE quote.

>> Answer a few simple questions and your request will be processed.

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