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What is Fleet Insurance?

Rather than insuring your business vehicles individually, fleet insurance covers all of them in a single policy.

This could mean that your company will save money. In addition, employees won't have to manage several vehicle policies, giving them more time to spend on other areas of the business.

What's included?

It depends whether you choose to insure your fleet on a fully comprehensive or third party basis.

Fully comprehensive insurance will cover your vehicles should they be involved in an accident or stolen. Damage to other cars will also be covered if one of your drivers was responsible.

Third party insurance will cover your fleet for damage caused to other vehicles but not your own.

It may also be possible to include cover for:

  1. Tool theft from vehicles

  2. Public liability

  3. Courtesy vehicle provision

  4. Breakdowns

  5. Employer liability

The cost of fleet insurance will vary depending on the level of cover you select.